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Family of Henry Steggall BAKER and Alice Mary FAIRWEATHER

Husband: Henry Steggall BAKER (1859-1911)
Wife: Alice Mary FAIRWEATHER (1859- )
Children: Henry Edward BAKER (1878- )
Maud Alice BAKER (1880- )
William Stanley BAKER (1882- )
Edith Agnes BAKER (1884- )
Charles Albert BAKER (1887- )
Rosie Lilly Letilia BAKER (1889- )
Beatrice Ethel BAKER (1891- )
Hilda Ursula BAKER (1893- )
Marcus Steggall James BAKER (1896- )
Victoria Evelyn BAKER (1898- )
Marriage 1876 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Husband: Henry Steggall BAKER

Name: Henry Steggall BAKER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1859 Finningham, Suffolk
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket
Painter writer
Death 1911 (age 51-52) Stow District

Wife: Alice Mary FAIRWEATHER

Name: Alice Mary FAIRWEATHER
Sex: Female
Father: James FAIRWEATHER (1827-1892)
Mother: Emma CORNISH (1827-1904)
Birth 1859 Stowmarket, Suffolk
Census 1861 (age 1-2) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Census 1871 (age 11-12) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Ipswich Street, Stowmarket
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket

Child 1: Henry Edward BAKER

Name: Henry Edward BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1878 Stowmarket, Suffolk
Census 1881 (age 2-3) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket

Child 2: Maud Alice BAKER

Name: Maud Alice BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1880 Stowmarket, Suffolk
Census 1881 (age 0-1) Stowmarket, Suffolk
Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket

Child 3: William Stanley BAKER

Name: William Stanley BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1882 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 4: Edith Agnes BAKER

Name: Edith Agnes BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 5: Charles Albert BAKER

Name: Charles Albert BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1887 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 6: Rosie Lilly Letilia BAKER

Name: Rosie Lilly Letilia BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1889 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 7: Beatrice Ethel BAKER

Name: Beatrice Ethel BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1891 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 8: Hilda Ursula BAKER

Name: Hilda Ursula BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1893 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 9: Marcus Steggall James BAKER

Name: Marcus Steggall James BAKER
Sex: Male
Birth 1896 Stowmarket, Suffolk

Child 10: Victoria Evelyn BAKER

Name: Victoria Evelyn BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1898 Stowmarket, Suffolk