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Family of David MORLEY and Sarah BADGER

Husband: David MORLEY (1810-1876)
Wife: Sarah BADGER (1831-1894)
Children: Ann MORLEY (1836- )
Sarah Edwards MORLEY (1837- )
Mary Edwards MORLEY (1840- )
David MORLEY (1842-1898)
Marriage 18 Jun 1835 Gislingham, Suffolk

Husband: David MORLEY

Name: David MORLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Corben MORLEY (1774-1850)
Mother: Elizabeth LOVEDAY (1774-1865)
Birth 1810 Gislingham, Suffolk
Census 1841 (age 30-31) Mellis, Suffolk
Census 1851 (age 40-41) Mellis, Suffolk
Death 1876 (age 65-66) Mellis, Suffolk

Wife: Sarah BADGER

Name: Sarah BADGER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1831
Death 1894 (age 62-63) Mellis, Suffolk

Child 1: Ann MORLEY

Name: Ann MORLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Jul 1836 Mellis, Suffolk
Census 1841 (age 4-5) Mellis, Suffolk

Child 2: Sarah Edwards MORLEY

Name: Sarah Edwards MORLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Oct 1837 Mellis, Suffolk
Census 1841 (age 3-4) Mellis, Suffolk

Child 3: Mary Edwards MORLEY

Name: Mary Edwards MORLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Sep 1840 Mellis, Suffolk

Child 4: David MORLEY

Name: David MORLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1842 Mellis, Suffolk
Census 1851 (age 8-9) Mellis, Suffolk
Death 1898 (age 55-56) Mellis, Suffolk

Note on Husband: David MORLEY

[Mellis Burgate document] Lease of Farm

This 1835 lease by Corbyn Morley and his son David [both Gislingham farmers] from Thomas Preston of Norwich is for an intended 8 years at £100 a year. The farm isn't named but the local historian will be able to place it from the description of 'All that messuage or farmhouse with the outbuildings double cottage and all those several pieces and parcels of land....situate in Mellis Burgate and Thrandiston and adjoining parishes.....containing by estimation eighty four in the occupation of James Rodwell Kerry.....'. Manuscript on 2 large parchment sheets, bears the signatures Thomas Preston, Corben Morley, David Morley. (ref B294/21) £15.00 post-free Not for export