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Family of Thomas MORLEY and Sarah PARKER

Husband: Thomas MORLEY (1736-1810)
Wife: Sarah PARKER (1760?- )
Marriage 1800 Roudham, Norfolk

Husband: Thomas MORLEY

Name: Thomas MORLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas MORLEY (1711?- )
Mother: Mary (1716?-1781)
Birth 1736
Will 1810 (age 73-74) Barningham, Suffolk
Left will in which he named his 3 sons Thomas, Joseph & Corben as beneficiaries. He also referred to his wife and two executors Robert Calver of Benham & Robert Beart of Lower Kenninghall. Robert Beart is the brother of Elizabeth Beart married to Drury Morley.
Death 1810 (age 73-74) Barningham, Suffolk

Wife: Sarah PARKER

Name: Sarah PARKER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1760 (est)
Legacy 1810 (age 49-50) Barningham, Suffolk
Named in will of Thomas Morley

Note on Husband: Thomas MORLEY

Thomas Morley married three times. The second of his wives was Maria Whitehead who he married in Bridgham in 1770. He was a widower and she was a widow. The marriage was witnessed by Joseph Corben. Thomas & Maria subsequently went on to have three sons, one named Joseph Corben Morley & one named Corben Morley. On this basis I have made an educated guess that Maria Whitehead (widow) is Maria Corben daughter of John Corben & Maria Andrews and sister of Joseph Corben the witness. I rarely find a case of a surname being used as a christian name unless there is a family connection and so assume that Joseph Corben Morley & Corben Morley must be genetically related to the Corbens. Unfortunately I cannot find a marriage of Maria Corben to a Whitehead, nor can I find a death of a male Whitehead around the time/area I would expect prior to Maria's marriage to Thomas. However, I think it is a good guess and that she is a likely candidate for the mother of Joseph Corben Morley & Corben Morley.