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Family of James ALDRICH and Catherine TAILOR

Husband: James ALDRICH (1560?- )
Wife: Catherine TAILOR (1560?-1643)
Children: Francis ALDRICH (1583-1646)
John ALDRICH (1585- )
Marie ALDRICH (1589- )
Katheine ALDRICH (1590- )
Margaret ALDRICH (1592- )
Ann ALDRICH (1595- )
Elizabeth ALDRICH (1603?-1640)
Marriage 1580 Brundish, Suffolk

Husband: James ALDRICH

Name: James ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Father: Peter ALDRICH (1528?-1594)
Mother: -
Birth 1560 (est)
Occupation Blacksmith

Wife: Catherine TAILOR

Name: Catherine TAILOR
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1560 (est)
Will 1642 (age 81-82) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Genealogical Gleanings in England Vol II, addendum
Arch. Suffolk, file 1642, No 4
Katherine Aldrich, widow of James Aldrich the elder, of Monk-sohan, yeoman, deceased. Will 30 August 1642; proved. Reference to a deed from William Owles, late of Wingfield, yeoman son and heir apparent of Thomas Owles, late of Wingfield, deceased and Margery wife of said William Owles to Katherine and the said james Aldrich, late deceased, of messuarge, etc., by the name of Hides and Lovells in Bedfield. Son-in-law Daniel Smith of Creasingham, and his sons Daniel, John and William Smith. His daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Heron, clerk, and Mary, Susan, and Sarah Smith. George Fishe of Framlingham. My son Francis Aldrich, and his son Daniel Aldrich at 21. Son-in-law Francis Baker, and his wife Anne my daughter, and grand children Elizabeth, John and James Baker. Son-in-law Robert Sparrow, and my grandchild Elizabeth Sparrow, one of his daughters. Son John Aldrich. His daughter Sarah Aldrich and her sisters. Daughter Katherine Jessopp wife of William Jessopp. Daughter Margaret, wife of Robert Sparrowe. Grandchildren William Jessop, John Jessopp, James Jessopp at 21. Grandchild -in-law the said George Fishe, and his sons, George, Francis, John and James Fishe, and daughters Elizabeth and Mary Fishe. The widow Warne of South. would. (Unfinished, leaf lacking).
Death 1643 (age 82-83) Monk Soham, Suffolk

Child 1: Francis ALDRICH

Name: Francis ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth (1587?- )
Birth 12 Dec 1583 Brundish, Suffolk
Legacy 1642 (age 58-59) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of mother Katherine
Death 1646 (age 62-63) Somerleyton, Suffolk

Child 2: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Jul 1585 Brundish, Suffolk
Legacy 1642 (age 56-57) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of mother Katherine

Child 3: Marie ALDRICH

Name: Marie ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Daniel SMITH (1585?- )
Birth 10 Mar 1589 Brundish, Suffolk

Child 4: Katheine ALDRICH

Name: Katheine ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: William JESSOP (1585?- )
Birth 22 Feb 1590 Southolt, Suffolk
Census 1642 (age 51-52) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of mother Katherine

Child 5: Margaret ALDRICH

Name: Margaret ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert SPARROW (1582- )
Birth 28 Jan 1592 Southolt, Suffolk
Legacy 1642 (age 49-50) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of mother Katherine

Child 6: Ann ALDRICH

Sex: Female
Spouse: Francis BARKER (1592- )
Birth 1595

Child 7: Elizabeth ALDRICH

Name: Elizabeth ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: George FISHE (1603?- )
Birth 1603 (est)
Death 24 Aug 1640 (age 36-37) Bedfield, Suffolk

Note on Husband: James ALDRICH (1)

Confirmation of grant. FC 98/L1/6 18 December 1581



1. Peter Aldriche of Monk Soham, yeoman.

2. James Aldriche son of (1).

(1) to (2), a capital messuage in Monk Soham, called Rookes, lying to south of way leading from Monk Soham Green to Bedfield parsonage.

Note on Husband: James ALDRICH (2)

Deed to declare uses. FC 98/L1/7 16 July 1606



1. James Aldriche of Monk Soham, yeoman.

2. Francis Aldriche sons of (1).

John Aldriche sons of (1).

(1) to (2), messuage, lands and appurtenances in Monk Soham called Rookes, specifying uses, for which the property is granted.

Note on Husband: James ALDRICH (3)

Quitclaim. FC 98/L1/9 14 March 1607



1. John Bedyngfeld, the younger.

2. James Aldriche, the elder, of Monk Soham.

For £50 (1) to (2) all rights and title to a close called Dereaugh (8a.) in Monk Soham.

Note on Husband: James ALDRICH (4)

Feoffment. FC 98/L1/10 9 February 1608/09



1. William Bedingfield of Lt. Saxham, yeoman.

William Nichols of Rishangles, tailor.

Robert Wythe, sen. of Monk Soham, blacksmith.

2. James Aldrich, sen. of Monk Soham, yeoman.

Robert Wheymond of Monk Soham, yeoman.

Francis Aldrich, son of aforesaid James.

John, son of John Aldrich, sen. of Monk Soham.

Robert, son of Robert Wheymond, aforesaid.

Reginald Carter alias Morgan, son of Edward Carter alias Morgan.

James Aldrich, son of Henry Aldrich, deceased.

John Mayhew, son of John Mayhew, deceased.

Richard Sheldrake of Sweffling, tailor.

John Shorte, son of John Shorte, deceased, all of Monk Soham.

Edward Marchant alias Tyler, jun. of Worlingworth.

Thomas Wythe, son of aforesaid Robert, of Monk Soham.

(1) to (2), a close called Towes, the tenement or close called Fullgood, with meadow, and one parcel of land, with two pightles, in Monk Soham, for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Monk Soham.