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Family of Henry ALDRICH and Katherine KERRIDGE

Husband: Henry ALDRICH (1558?-bef1608)
Wife: Katherine KERRIDGE (1558?-1643)
Children: James ALDRICH (1580?-1622)
Marriage 1578 Kenton, Suffolk

Husband: Henry ALDRICH

Name: Henry ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Father: Peter ALDRICH (1528?-1594)
Mother: -
Birth 1558 (est)
Death bef 1608 (age 49-50)

Wife: Katherine KERRIDGE

Name: Katherine KERRIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1558 (est)
Legacy 1622 (age 63-64) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of son James
Death 1643 (age 84-85) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 1: James ALDRICH

Name: James ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice (1585?- )
Birth 1580 (est)
Will 1622 (age 41-42) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Left will available on ancestry. Referred to mother as Katherine Owney, wife Alice and children Elizabeth, Ann, Susan & James. Also referred to cousins Francis Aldrich of Monk Soham and Peter Aldrich of Bedfield
Death 1622 (age 41-42) Monk Soham, Suffolk

Note on Husband: Henry ALDRICH

Feoffment. FC 98/L1/10 9 February 1608/09



1. William Bedingfield of Lt. Saxham, yeoman.

William Nichols of Rishangles, tailor.

Robert Wythe, sen. of Monk Soham, blacksmith.

2. James Aldrich, sen. of Monk Soham, yeoman.

Robert Wheymond of Monk Soham, yeoman.

Francis Aldrich, son of aforesaid James.

John, son of John Aldrich, sen. of Monk Soham.

Robert, son of Robert Wheymond, aforesaid.

Reginald Carter alias Morgan, son of Edward Carter alias Morgan.

James Aldrich, son of Henry Aldrich, deceased.

John Mayhew, son of John Mayhew, deceased.

Richard Sheldrake of Sweffling, tailor.

John Shorte, son of John Shorte, deceased, all of Monk Soham.

Edward Marchant alias Tyler, jun. of Worlingworth.

Thomas Wythe, son of aforesaid Robert, of Monk Soham.

(1) to (2), a close called Towes, the tenement or close called Fullgood, with meadow, and one parcel of land, with two pightles, in Monk Soham, for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Monk Soham.

Note on Wife: Katherine KERRIDGE

Widow at death