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Family of Peter ALDRICH

Partner: Peter ALDRICH (1528?-1594)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: William ALDRICH (1555?- )
Henry ALDRICH (1558?-bef1608)
James ALDRICH (1560?- )
John ALDRICH (1562?-1596)

Husband: Peter ALDRICH

Name: Peter ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Father: Robert ALDRICH (1495?-1563)
Mother: Anne (1493?-1543)
Birth 1528 (est)
Legacy 1538 (age 9-10) Kenton, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of uncle John Aldrych
Will 1594 (age 65-66) Monk Soham, Suffolk
Left will - specifically excluded grandchildren from Dunston's children in his will - these were children of Thomasine Drane - why were they excluded?
Death 1594 (age 65-66) Monk Soham, Suffolk

Child 1: William ALDRICH

Name: William ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 1555 (est)

Child 2: Henry ALDRICH

Name: Henry ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Katherine KERRIDGE (1558?-1643)
Birth 1558 (est)
Death bef 1608 (age 49-50)

Child 3: James ALDRICH

Name: James ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine TAILOR (1560?-1643)
Birth 1560 (est)
Occupation Blacksmith

Child 4: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 1562 (est)
Death 7 Nov 1596 (age 33-34) Bedfield, Suffolk

Note on Husband: Peter ALDRICH (1)

Bond. FC 98/L1/4 23 April 1553



1. Philip Gylgate of London.

2. Peter Aldrytche of Monk Soham, husbandman.

(1) bound in £200 to (2) to make a good title of the lands called Hollondes, in Monk Soham.

Note on Husband: Peter ALDRICH (2)

Lease. FC 98/L1/5 15 April 1557



1. Thomas Rous of Henham, Esq.

2. Peter Aldrych of Monk Soham, yeoman.

(1) to (2), a close with appurtenances, called Great Derhaugh, (24a.) in Monk Soham for 1,000 years at 13s.4d. p.a.

(Memorandum on back: "Memorandum that the said Peter Aldrytche not withstanding any covenants with the premises doth covennante for hymselfe his heyres executores and admynystrators that he the sayd Peter, his heyres executors and assigners shall pay yearly durying the naturall lyff of Mrs. Margaret Gyllgatt widowe all sutch rent and ferme for the sayd close of Dereughe within demysed as he the sayd Peter before then sealynge hereof hath accustomed to paye yearlye unto the sayd Mrs. Gyllgatte and allso to discharge the said demisores his heyres executors and adminystratores at all tymes durying the terme within written agynst the person or persons of Monk Soham for the tyme being of, for or from the payment (of) all Tythes demandeble out of the premisses or any part thereof".

With plan on back of land described, and note by Claude Morley, 1916, that this was certainly added by Kilderbee in 1772)

Note on Husband: Peter ALDRICH (3)

Confirmation of grant. FC 98/L1/6 18 December 1581



1. Peter Aldriche of Monk Soham, yeoman.

2. James Aldriche son of (1).

(1) to (2), a capital messuage in Monk Soham, called Rookes, lying to south of way leading from Monk Soham Green to Bedfield parsonage.