Family of ALDRICH

Partner: ALDRICH ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Robert ALDRICH (1495?-1563)
John ALDRICH (1495?-1538)

Husband: ALDRICH

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Robert ALDRICH

Name: Robert ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne (1493?-1543)
Birth 1495 (est)
Legacy 1538 (age 42-43) Kenton, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of brother John Aldrych
Death 17 May 1563 (age 67-68)

Child 2: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 1495 (est)
Will 1538 (age 42-43) Kenton, Suffolk
Genealogical Gleanings in England Vol II Addendum - Arch Suffolk, book 13, folio 7
John Aldrych of Kenton. Will (nuncupative) 5 April 1538; proved 4 May 1538. Children. Brother Robert Aldrych and his children. To John Elyott of Wynston. £3-6-8. To William Edmandys four Heskers. To Roger Sherman. the same. Peter Aldrych, his brothers's son. Anne Aldrych, daughter of said Robert Johan Aldrych another daughter of said Robert. Executors: Robert Aldrych (his brother), Thomas Wode, and John Aldrych (his nevye).
Death 1538 (age 42-43) Kenton, Suffolk