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Family of Alfred ABBS and Mary Ann POOLEY

Husband: Alfred ABBS (1851-1943)
Wife: Mary Ann POOLEY (1848- )
Children: Rose Hannah ABBS (1878-1965)
Lily Grace ABBS (1879-1964)
May Sophia ABBS (1881-1959)
David Miles ABBS (1882-1959)
Ethel Ann ABBS (1884-1921)
Hugh Edward ABBS (1889-1959)
Percy James ABBS (1891-1955)
Marriage 1875 Mitford District

Husband: Alfred ABBS

Name: Alfred ABBS
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac ABBS (1809-1894)
Mother: Ann EMMS (1821- )
Birth 1851 Yaxham, Norfolk
Census 1871 (age 19-20) East Dereham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 59-60) East Dereham, Norfolk
Dumpling Road, East Dereham
Farm Labourer
Occupation Farm Labourer
Death 1943 (age 91-92) East Dereham, Norfolk

Wife: Mary Ann POOLEY

Name: Mary Ann POOLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 Shipdham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 62-63) Dereham, Norfolk
Dumpling Road, East Dereham
9 children, 7 lived 2 died

Child 1: Rose Hannah ABBS

Name: Rose Hannah ABBS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Solomon HALLIDAY (1859- )
Birth 1878 East Dereham, Norfolk
Death 1965 (age 86-87) Norwich Outer District

Child 2: Lily Grace ABBS

Name: Lily Grace ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 East Dereham, Norfolk
Death 1964 (age 84-85) Norwich Outer District

Child 3: May Sophia ABBS

Name: May Sophia ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1881 East Dereham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 29-30) Southwick, Sussex
Laurel Dennett, The Green, Southwick, Sussex
General servant domestic
Death 1959 (age 77-78) Norwich, Norfolk

Child 4: David Miles ABBS

Name: David Miles ABBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hilda A DRIVER (1895?- )
Birth 1882 East Dereham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 28-29) Beverley, Yorkshire
Beast man on farm
Occupation Beast man on farm
Death 1959 (age 76-77) Buckrose District

Child 5: Ethel Ann ABBS

Name: Ethel Ann ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 East Dereham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 26-27) Paddington, London
Death 1921 (age 36-37) Medway, Kent

Child 6: Hugh Edward ABBS

Name: Hugh Edward ABBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen M WOODEN (1886-1982)
Birth 1889 East Dereham, Norfolk
Census 1911 (age 21-22) Lowestoft, Suffolk
120 Raglan Street, Lowestoft
Grocers assistant
Death 1959 (age 69-70) Lothingland Suffolk

Child 7: Percy James ABBS

Name: Percy James ABBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence M WOOD (1895?- )
Birth 1891 East Dereham, Norfolk
Occupation Mechanic
Census 1911 (age 19-20) East Dereham, Norfolk
Dumpling Road, East Dereham
Death 1955 (age 63-64) Loughborough, Leicestershire

Note on Husband: Alfred ABBS

1871 - Dumpling Green, East Dereham