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Family of Graeme AUSTIN and Edna M BARNES

Husband: Graeme AUSTIN (1907-1977)
Wife: Edna M BARNES (1910?- )
Marriage 1935 Surrey

Husband: Graeme AUSTIN

Name: Graeme AUSTIN
Sex: Male
Nickname: Peter
Father: Frank Ernest AUSTIN (1870-1913)
Mother: Gertrude CORBEN (1867- )
Birth 1907 Penchos, Raglan
Census 1911 (age 3-4) Penchos, Raglan
The vicarage, Penchos, Raglan
Occupation 1940 (age 32-33) Merchant; Gold Coast
Pynstock, Ivy Lane, Woking, Surrey
Accompanied by wife Edna
Death 1977 (age 69-70) East Elloe, Lincolnshire

Wife: Edna M BARNES

Name: Edna M BARNES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1910 (est)