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Family of John CLOVER and Sarah BAKER

Husband: John CLOVER (1639-1728)
Wife: Sarah BAKER (1643-1728)
Children: John CLOVER (1666-1744)
Robert CLOVER (1668- )
William CLOVER (1671- )
Thomas CLOVER (1674- )
Benjamin CLOVER (1676- )
Richard CLOVER (1679- )
Sarah CLOVER (1681-1697)
Marriage 1666 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Husband: John CLOVER

Name: John CLOVER
Sex: Male
Father: William CLOVER (1610?-1659)
Mother: -
Birth 1639 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Death 21 Aug 1728 (age 88-89) Brettenham, Suffolk

Wife: Sarah BAKER

Name: Sarah BAKER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 25 Feb 1643 Bradfield St George, Suffolk
Death 30 Jul 1728 (age 85) Brettenham, Suffolk
This death date is by no means certain to be that of Sarah Baker. The Sarah who died in Brettenham in 30 Jul 1728 was a widow and if this was the case then John cannot have died on 21 Aug 1728

Child 1: John CLOVER

Name: John CLOVER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Judith (1675?-1742)
Spouse 2: Elizabeth WRIGHT (1673?-1694)
Spouse 3: Mary GOULD (1675?-1695)
Birth 1666 Nedging, Suffolk
Death 16 Mar 1744 (age 77-78) Nedging, Suffolk
This is the accepted death date for some researchers however I am not convinced. If Sarah died in Brettenham on 30 Jul 1728, this death date cannot be accurate. Other researchers have his death recorded as 8 Jun 1702. This is not correct. There is a will for the John who died in 1702. He had a step mother still living at that time called Martha in Stratford, Suffolk. She was the probable widow of James Clover who also died in Stratford. The John who died in 1702 had cousins Nathaniel, Mary & Ann Angier.

Child 2: Robert CLOVER

Name: Robert CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 21 Jun 1668 Bradfield St George, Suffolk

Child 3: William CLOVER

Name: William CLOVER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan WHITE (1680?- )
Birth 15 Oct 1671 Nedging, Suffolk

Child 4: Thomas CLOVER

Name: Thomas CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 31 May 1674 Nedging, Suffolk

Child 5: Benjamin CLOVER

Name: Benjamin CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Dec 1676 Nedging, Suffolk

Child 6: Richard CLOVER

Name: Richard CLOVER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth ANKWILL (1682?- )
Birth 4 Jun 1679 Nedging, Suffolk

Child 7: Sarah CLOVER

Name: Sarah CLOVER
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jan 1681 Nedging, Suffolk
Death 7 Apr 1697 (age 16) Nedging, Suffolk