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Family of Geoffrey ALDRICH and Sybil SMITH

Husband: Geoffrey ALDRICH (1526?-1593)
Wife: Sybil SMITH (1530?-1594)
Children: Edmund ALDRICH (1554-1558)
Rose ALDRICH (1557- )
Frances ALDRICH (1560- )
Anne ALDRICH (1562- )
Thomas ALDRICH (1565- )
Dorothy ALDRICH (1567- )
Clement ALDRICH (1572-1587)
Marriage 1553 Kenton, Suffolk

Husband: Geoffrey ALDRICH

Name: Geoffrey ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Father: Robert ALDRICH (1495?-1563)
Mother: Anne (1493?-1543)
Birth 1526 (est)
Death 19 Nov 1593 (age 66-67) Kenton, Suffolk

Wife: Sybil SMITH

Name: Sybil SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1530 (est)
Death 26 Jul 1594 (age 63-64) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 1: Edmund ALDRICH

Name: Edmund ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Mar 1554 Kenton, Suffolk
Death 1 Dec 1558 (age 4) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 2: Rose ALDRICH

Name: Rose ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henrie HAYLE (1555?- )
Birth 30 Jan 1557

Child 3: Frances ALDRICH

Name: Frances ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Birth 14 Apr 1560 Kenton, Suffolk

Child 4: Anne ALDRICH

Name: Anne ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Jul 1562 Kenton, Suffolk

Child 5: Thomas ALDRICH

Name: Thomas ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Apr 1565 Kenton, Suffolk

Child 6: Dorothy ALDRICH

Name: Dorothy ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Feb 1567 Kenton, Suffolk

Child 7: Clement ALDRICH

Name: Clement ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Feb 1572 Kenton, Suffolk
Death 24 Mar 1587 (age 15) Kenton, Suffolk

Note on Husband: Geoffrey ALDRICH

Robert, John & Geoffrey are definitely brothers as per will of John Aldrich d 1571



Tied together in order

Deeds re. 2 acres called Churcheworthing in Thorndon:-

Feoffment by Wm. Stonham & Thos. Cullum, to Edwd Schort & Wm. Schort, of Thorndon. Oct.7.Hen.VII (1491).

Feoffment by John Cullum of Thorndon, to his brother Thos. Cullum. 3.Apr.2.Eliz. (1560).

Bargain & sale by Thos. Cullum of Thorndon, to Jeffry Aldryche of Kenton. 5.Dec.5.Eliz. (1562).

Feoffment by Jeffry Aldriche, yeoman of Kenton to John Cullum. 24.July 27.Eliz. (1585).

Feoffment by John Cullum of Thorndon to his brother Jeffery Cullum. 28.July.43.Eliz. (1601).

Manor of Thorndon Conveyance as last deed above. 1.Sept.43.Eliz. (1601).

Feoffment by Jeffery Cullum, yeoman of Thornham Magna to Thos. Cullum. 12.Sept.9.Jac.I (1611).