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Family of John ALDRICH and Margaret FAIRWEATHER

Husband: John ALDRICH (1517?-1571)
Wife: Margaret FAIRWEATHER (1518?-1568)
Children: Margaret ALDRICH (1555- )
Johan ALDRICH (1557?-1559)
John ALDRICH (1558-1584)
Frances ALDRICH (1561- )
John ALDRICH (1563-1563)
George ALDRICH (1564- )
Marriage 1554 Kenton, Suffolk

Husband: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Father: Robert ALDRICH (1495?-1563)
Mother: Anne (1493?-1543)
Birth 1517 (est)
Legacy 1538 (age 20-21) Kenton, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of John Aldrych. Referred to as Nevye (nephew).
Death 1571 (age 53-54) Kenton, Suffolk

Wife: Margaret FAIRWEATHER

Name: Margaret FAIRWEATHER
Sex: Female
Father: Richard FAIRWEATHER (1489?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1518 (est)
Death 17 Jan 1568 (age 49-50) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 1: Margaret ALDRICH

Name: Margaret ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert LANHAM (1551?- )
Birth 10 Nov 1555 Bedingfield, Suffolk

Child 2: Johan ALDRICH

Name: Johan ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Birth 1557 (est)
Legacy 1557 (age 0) Bedingfield, Suffolk
Mentioned in will of Thomas Drane
Death 12 Apr 1559 (age 1-2) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 3: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary GEWYN (1561?- )
Birth 10 Oct 1558 Kenton, Suffolk
Will 1584 (age 25-26) Debenham, Suffolk
Left Will - To wife Mary, house in Debenham Buckeshedd. People mentioned: Robert Gowin father in law, William Bloomfield of Stonham Aspall, daughter Ann Aldrich, mother in law Joan Gowin
Death 1584 (age 25-26) Debenham, Suffolk

Child 4: Frances ALDRICH

Name: Frances ALDRICH
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Mar 1561 Kenton, Suffolk

Child 5: John ALDRICH

Name: John ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 15 May 1563 Kenton, Suffolk
Death 17 May 1563 (age 0) Kenton, Suffolk

Child 6: George ALDRICH

Name: George ALDRICH
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Apr 1564 Kenton, Suffolk

Note on Husband: John ALDRICH (1)

Robert Crocklyne and his wife Jane v Thomas Rivett and John Aldricke. Claim as legatee in right of plaintiff Jane. Legacy issuing out of rents of land in Occold and Bumyngham, Suffolk, late the estate of Thomas Drane.

Short title: Crocklyne v Ryvett etc.

Covering dates Between 1558 and 1603

Robert, John & Geoffrey are definitely brothers as per will of John Aldrich d 1571

Note on Husband: John ALDRICH (2)

Aldriche v. Culham: Suffolk.

Covering dates A.D. 1558-1579