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Family of George BIRD and Susannah OSBORNE

Husband: George BIRD (1821- )
Wife: Susannah OSBORNE (1822-1880)
Children: John Bird BIRD (1843-1843)
Osborn John BIRD (1844- )
Robert BIRD (1846-1846)
Marriage 24 Oct 1841 Brettenham, Suffolk

Husband: George BIRD

Name: George BIRD
Sex: Male
Father: William BIRD (1794-1883)
Mother: Frances STILL (1785-1864)
Christening 23 Dec 1821 (age 0) St Mary, Brettenham
Birth 1821 Brettenham, Suffolk
Census 1841 (age 19-20) Brettenham, Suffolk
Census 1851 (age 29-30) Bromley, Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 49-50) H M Prison Portsea, Hampshire
Omnibus driver, convict

Wife: Susannah OSBORNE

Name: Susannah OSBORNE
Sex: Female
Father: John OSBORNE (1786- )
Mother: Frances BIRD (1796-1847)
Birth 1822 Brettenham, Suffolk
Christening 19 May 1822 (age 0) Brettenham, Suffolk
Census 1851 (age 28-29) Bromley, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 38-39) Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex
Death 1880 (age 57-58) Poplar All Saints, London

Child 1: John Bird BIRD

Name: John Bird BIRD
Sex: Male
Birth 1843 Brettenham, Suffolk
Christening 22 Jan 1843 (age 0) St Mary, Brettenham
Death 1843 (age 0) Brettenham, Suffolk
Burial 28 Mar 1843 St Mary, Brettenham

Child 2: Osborn John BIRD

Name: Osborn John BIRD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy HOWARD (1844-1909)
Christening 30 Jun 1844 (age 0) St Mary, Brettenham
Birth 1844 Brettenham, Suffolk
Census 1851 (age 6-7) Bromley, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 16-17) Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 26-27) Whitechapel, Middlesex
Census 1881 (age 36-37) West Ham, Essex

Child 3: Robert BIRD

Name: Robert BIRD
Sex: Male
Birth 1846 Cockfield, Suffolk
Christening 8 May 1846 (age 0) Cockfield, Suffolk
Death 1846 (age 0) Cockfield, Suffolk
Burial 16 May 1846 St Peter, Cockfield

Note on Husband: George BIRD (1)

1841 - Brettenham

1851 - Bromley St Leonards - distillery labourer

1871 - HM Prison Portsea Town - convict - omnibus driver

Note on Husband: George BIRD (2)

Bury & Norwich Post & East Anglian

29 Dec 1841


County Petty Sessions Bury Dec 22

Burglary – Joseph Ranson & George Bird, labourers, were charged with burgariously entering the house of Mr. Alfred Melton, junr., of Brettenham, grocer, - Mr. Melton deposed that on the night of Tuesday the 30th of November, or morning of the 1st of December, he was disturbed from his rest by a noise like more than one person moving about in the house. He got up and fired a gun out of the window to alarm his neighbour, Mr Horrex who go up and prosecutor let him into the house. They then went into the warehouse, which adjoins the shop, and found three cnadles burning, and saw that some porter had been spilt about the floor. Mr. Melton missed 8 stone of pork, which he had put into the pork tub on the Monday before, 4 stone of moist sugar, 3 pots of butter, about one stone of raisins, about 1 dozen bottles of ginger wine, apiece of pickled port about 4lbs. in weight, 3 small ribs of beef, a wrapper marked £Pickering, Bury,” a plum bag, some Lucifer matches; all of which things he had seen in the warehouse the night before. A plough coulter was left by the burlars in the warehouse. On going out at the back of the house, footsteps of two or three persons were seen; and in a meadow behind the house one of the missing pots of butter was found.

William Levitt, rat-catcher, of Brettenham, deposed, that on the 11th instant he was out rat-catching in the stack-yard of the Rev. Mr. Cole; when the dogs found against the cart-lodge, under some straw a bag containing 6 stone of port. In another place was alos found a check apron with 3 or 4 stone of sugar, 9lbs of raisins in a handkerchief, 2 bottles of ginger wine, &c. Witness sent for Mr. Melton, and then took the things to his house, where he left them.

Mary Crick, wife of James Crick, labourer, of Brettenham, identified the apron in which the sugar was found; she made it herself, and on the night of the 30th of November it was hanging before the fire-place, when she went to bed at nine o’clock. After she had gone to bed the prisoner Bird came to her house with her husband and another man, at about a quarter-past 10. She saw Bird as he went with her husband to draw some beer. They did not stay 10 minutes, and when they left, her husband went to bed, locking the doors and taking the key up as usual. When she got up in the morning, at half past five, the door was locked, and the house all secure, but the apron was gone, and also two shoe brushes which she had also left the night before on a shelf before the fire.

The prisoners declared they knew nothing about the matter. They were fully committed for trial.

Note on Wife: Susannah OSBORNE

1851 - Bromley St Leonards

1861 - Bromley St Leonards - charwoman - widow

1871 - Bromley St Leonards - servant, cook, married