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Family of Joseph HUNT and Harriet BALDRY

Husband: Joseph HUNT (1828-1869)
Wife: Harriet BALDRY (1826?- )
Children: Albert HUNT (1850- )
Marriage 1848 Stow District

Husband: Joseph HUNT

Name: Joseph HUNT
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph HUNT (1798-1867)
Mother: Margaretta HEAZLE (1793-1868)
Birth 1828 East Harling, Norfolk
Death 1869 (age 40-41) East Harling, Norfolk

Wife: Harriet BALDRY

Name: Harriet BALDRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1826 (est) Tostick, Suffolk

Child 1: Albert HUNT

Name: Albert HUNT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Ann HURRELL (1848- )
Birth 1850 East Harling, Norfolk