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Family of Francis William CUSHING and Elizabeth AKERS

Husband: Francis William CUSHING (1857-1938)
Wife: Elizabeth AKERS (1853-1946)
Children: Elizabeth A Phoebe CUSHING (1880-1947)
Christina CUSHING (1882-1956)
Frank William CUSHING (1884-1945)
Gordon Walter CUSHING (1885-1917)
Albert H CUSHING (1887-1953)
Alfred Cyril CUSHING (1890-1961)
Lilian Maud CUSHING (1893- )
Marriage 1879 Islington, London

Husband: Francis William CUSHING

Name: Francis William CUSHING
Sex: Male
Father: Francis Thomas CUSHING (1820- )
Mother: Phoebe COUSINS (1822-1880)
Birth 1857 Blakeney, Norfolk
Death 1938 (age 80-81) Barnet, Hertfordshire

Wife: Elizabeth AKERS

Name: Elizabeth AKERS
Sex: Female
Father: William AKERS (1822- )
Mother: Ann CUSHING (1822-1889)
Birth 1853 Holt, Norfolk
Death 1946 (age 92-93) Barnet, Hertfordshire

Child 1: Elizabeth A Phoebe CUSHING

Name: Elizabeth A Phoebe CUSHING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Bruce SHARP (1879- )
Birth 1880 Islington, London
Death 1947 (age 66-67) Hendon, Middlesex

Child 2: Christina CUSHING

Name: Christina CUSHING
Sex: Female
Birth 1882 Islington, London
Census 1901 (age 18-19) Hornsey, Middlesex
Death 1956 (age 73-74) Hendon, Middlesex
Oakridge, Barnett Lane, Totteridge Hertfordshire
Died at The Memorial Hospital, Finchley. Effects of £3927 to Alfred Cyril Cushing, gardener

Child 3: Frank William CUSHING

Name: Frank William CUSHING
Sex: Male
Birth 1884 Islington, London
Death 1945 (age 60-61) Barnet, Hertfordshire
Holly Cottage, Hadley High Stone, Barnet
Effects of £4113 to Christina Cushing

Child 4: Gordon Walter CUSHING

Name: Gordon Walter CUSHING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha Elizabeth PEET (1885-1974)
Birth 1885 Islington, London
Death 10 Apr 1917 (age 31-32) Western European Theatre
Cause: Died of Wounds
Private Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry

Child 5: Albert H CUSHING

Name: Albert H CUSHING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Alice DAVIS (1886-1965)
Birth 1887 Islington, London
Death 1953 (age 65-66) Marylebone, Middlesex

Child 6: Alfred Cyril CUSHING

Name: Alfred Cyril CUSHING
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 Islington, London
Death 13 Jun 1961 (age 70-71) Tollerton, Nottinghamshire
Alangra, Metton Road, Tollerton

Child 7: Lilian Maud CUSHING

Name: Lilian Maud CUSHING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert J COOPER (1893?- )
Birth 1893 Islington, London