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Family of James COOTE and Charlotte Elizabeth ABBS

Husband: James COOTE (1849- )
Wife: Charlotte Elizabeth ABBS (1857- )
Children: Albert COOTE (1879- )
Charlotte COOTE (1880- )
Marriage 1877 Portsea, Hampshire

Husband: James COOTE

Name: James COOTE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1849 Portsmouth, Hampshire

Wife: Charlotte Elizabeth ABBS

Name: Charlotte Elizabeth ABBS
Sex: Female
Father: Richard ABBS (1820-1893)
Mother: Charlotte COX (1825-1893)
Birth 1857 Portsea, Hampshire

Child 1: Albert COOTE

Name: Albert COOTE
Sex: Male
Birth 1879 Portsmouth, Hampshire

Child 2: Charlotte COOTE

Name: Charlotte COOTE
Sex: Female
Birth 1880 Portsmouth, Hampshire