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Family of Herbert COWELL and Alice GARRETT

Husband: Herbert COWELL (1838-1918)
Wife: Alice GARRETT (1843-1925)
Children: Marian Alice COWELL (1864-1945)
Philip Herbert COWELL (1870-1949)
Christina Katherine COWELL (1875-1962)
Agnes Veronica COWELL (1878-1960)
George Edmond Maurice COWELL (1882-1917)
Marriage 21 Jan 1863 Calcutta, India

Husband: Herbert COWELL

Name: Herbert COWELL
Sex: Male
Father: George Kersey COWELL (1804-1848)
Mother: Martha CONDER (1811- )
Birth 1838 Ipswich, Suffolk
Occupation Barrister
Census 1911 (age 72-73) Paddington, London
Death 29 May 1918 (age 79-80) Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Estate of £15723 to wife Alice, daughter Marian Cowell spinster & son Philip Herbert civil servant

Wife: Alice GARRETT

Name: Alice GARRETT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1843 Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Census 1911 (age 67-68) Paddington, London
Death 1925 (age 81-82) Plomesgate

Child 1: Marian Alice COWELL

Name: Marian Alice COWELL
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Dec 1864 Calcutta, India
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Paddington, London
Death 1945 (age 80-81) Deben District

Child 2: Philip Herbert COWELL


Philip Herbert COWELL

Name: Philip Herbert COWELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Phyllis E CHAPLIN (1879-1924)
Birth 7 Aug 1870 Calcutta, India
Occupation Astronomer
Death 1949 (age 78-79) Deben District

Child 3: Christina Katherine COWELL

Name: Christina Katherine COWELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald Cochran STEVENSON (1874-1934)
Birth 1875 Paddington, London
Census 1911 (age 35-36) Tynemouth, Northumberland
Death 1962 (age 86-87) Deben District

Child 4: Agnes Veronica COWELL

Name: Agnes Veronica COWELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hew STEVENSON (1865- )
Birth 1878 Paddington, London
Death 1960 (age 81-82) Ipswich, Suffolk

Child 5: George Edmond Maurice COWELL

Name: George Edmond Maurice COWELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy Eleanor EVAN-THOMAS (1888-1980)
Birth 1882 Paddington, London
Death 30 Dec 1917 (age 34-35) France & Flanders
Cause: Killed in action
Captain RFA

Note on Husband: Herbert COWELL

Author of "A short Treatise of Hindu Law"

Note on Wife: Alice GARRETT

Alice opposed the wishes of her father Newton to marry Herbert Cowell.