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Family of Percival H BADCOCK and Mildred Agnes COWELL

Husband: Percival H BADCOCK (1861-1946)
Wife: Mildred Agnes COWELL (1870-1939)
Marriage 1911 Ipswich, Suffolk

Husband: Percival H BADCOCK

Name: Percival H BADCOCK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1861
Death 1946 (age 84-85) Oxford, Oxfordshire

Wife: Mildred Agnes COWELL

Name: Mildred Agnes COWELL
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Henry COWELL (1830-1906)
Mother: Priscilla CLOWES (1830-1905)
Birth 1870 Ipswich, Suffolk
Census 1881 (age 10-11) Ipswich, Suffolk
Cedar House, Henley Road Ipswich
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Ipswich, Suffolk
With aunt Anna Clowes
Death 1939 (age 68-69) Oxford, Oxfordshire