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Family of James BANHAM and Elizabeth BRIGHTY

Husband: James BANHAM (1782-1848)
Wife: Elizabeth BRIGHTY (1777-1852)
Children: Lydia BANHAM (1811- )

Husband: James BANHAM

Name: James BANHAM
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1782
Death 1848 (age 65-66) Dunston, Norfolk
Abode Swainsthorpe

Wife: Elizabeth BRIGHTY

Name: Elizabeth BRIGHTY
Sex: Female
Father: William BRIGHTY (1741-1822)
Mother: Eleanor HICKLETON (1741-1809)
Birth 1777 Dunston, Norfolk
Death 1852 (age 74-75) Dunston, Norfolk
Abode Long Stratton

Child 1: Lydia BANHAM

Name: Lydia BANHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: James BREWSTER (1809- )
Birth 1811 Dunston, Norfolk
Father from parish of Newton Flotman, mother late Brighton
Abode Long Stratton