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Family of Harry Simpson AVESTON and Bessie PIKE

Husband: Harry Simpson AVESTON (1903-1978)
Wife: Bessie PIKE (1903?- )
Children: John Lewis AVESTON (1928-1987)
Hugh Thomas AVESTON (1930-1997)
Marriage 1928 Romford, Essex

Husband: Harry Simpson AVESTON

Name: Harry Simpson AVESTON
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AVESTON (1870-1953)
Mother: Susan FARROW (1867-1927)
Birth 1903 Cromer, Norfolk
Death 1978 (age 74-75) Norwich Outer District

Wife: Bessie PIKE

Name: Bessie PIKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1903 (est)

Child 1: John Lewis AVESTON

Name: John Lewis AVESTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1928 Romford, Essex
Death 1987 (age 58-59) Westminster, London

Child 2: Hugh Thomas AVESTON

Name: Hugh Thomas AVESTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1930 Romford, Essex
Death 1997 (age 66-67) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire