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Family of Matthew ABBS and Elizabeth GREEN

Husband: Matthew ABBS (1808-1850)
Wife: Elizabeth GREEN (1811-1893)
Children: Sarah ABBS (1833-1833)
Elizabeth ABBS (1837- )
Charlotte ABBS (1839-1925)
Maria ABBS (1841- )
Rebecca ABBS (1844- )
William Francis ABBS (1846-1916)
Mary Ann Margaret ABBS (1849- )
Marriage 1831 Hackney, London

Husband: Matthew ABBS

Name: Matthew ABBS
Sex: Male
Father: Richard ABBS (1765-1831)
Mother: Elizabeth WARD (1767-1847)
Birth 25 Nov 1808 Runton, Norfolk
Census 1841 (age 32-33) St Clement Dane, London
Death 1850 (age 41-42) Stepney, London

Wife: Elizabeth GREEN

Name: Elizabeth GREEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1811 Overstrand, Norfolk
Census 1841 (age 29-30) St Clement Dane, London
Census 1861 (age 49-50) Newington, Middlesex
Widow, charwoman
Census 1881 (age 69-70) Norwich, Norfolk
With daughter Charlotte
Census 1891 (age 79-80) Norwich, Norfolk
With daughter Elizabeth
Death 1893 (age 81-82)

Child 1: Sarah ABBS

Name: Sarah ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1833 Islington, London
Death 11 Jun 1833 (age 0) Hackney, London
Age, 1 minute

Child 2: Elizabeth ABBS

Name: Elizabeth ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1837 Woodford, Essex
Census 1841 (age 3-4) St Clement Dane, London
Census 1891 (age 53-54) Norwich, Norfolk
Elementary school teacher

Child 3: Charlotte ABBS

Name: Charlotte ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1839 Woodford, Essex
Census 1861 (age 21-22) Burgh Castle, Suffolk
Teacher & matron of school
Census 1881 (age 41-42) Norwich, Norfolk
National governess
Death 23 Nov 1925 (age 85-86) Norwich, Norfolk
Effects to Violet Louise Abon

Child 4: Maria ABBS

Name: Maria ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1841
Census 1861 (age 19-20) Cawthorne, Yorkshire
Census 1871 (age 29-30) Bunwell, Norfolk
School mistress - with aunt & uncle George & Rhoda Hardy

Child 5: Rebecca ABBS

Name: Rebecca ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1844 Limehouse, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 16-17) Bunwell, Norfolk
With uncle & aunt George & Rhoda Hardy

Child 6: William Francis ABBS

Name: William Francis ABBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah BELLINGHAM (1842-1895)
Birth 1846 Limehouse, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 14-15) Newington, Middlesex
With mother Elizabeth
Census 1911 (age 64-65) Leytonstone, Essex
Foremans assistant, widower
Death 1916 (age 69-70) Whitechapel, Middlesex

Child 7: Mary Ann Margaret ABBS

Name: Mary Ann Margaret ABBS
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 Stepney, London
Census 1861 (age 11-12) Burgh Castle, Suffolk
With sister Charlotte
Census 1871 (age 21-22) Westminster, London
Adopted daughter of Ellen Nicholson

Note on Husband: Matthew ABBS

Matthew Abbs. 1 am a policeman. I was on the road to Walthamstow, in the parish of Layton—I came up to the gig—the prisoner was walking towards London, and the gig going in the same direction—he was walking hehind the gig, but doing nothing—when I came up to the gig it stopped, the gentleman got out, and the female was crying out—the prisoner was not near enough to hear what passed—in consequence of what was said, I turned round and took the prisoner into custody as soon as he came up—the female was close by, and said, "That is the man, take him, take him "—I took him into custody and asked him how he came to insult the young woman—he said he had not insulted any one—the young woman said he had attempted to rob her, in fact he had robbed her of a shilling—be said nothing to that—I took him to the cage at Woodford, and kept him in custody—the young woman was very much agitated at the time.


Prisoner's Defence. On the 24th of July I was called out of my bed at a quarter before six o'clock in the morning by a young man who once worked with me, and was going to leave town—I went to see him out of town, and got down to Woodford—we had been drinking freely on the road—my brother was with me—at just eight o'clock in the evening my brother said, " Richard, it is time to go home"—I, being tipsy, would not go, and he left me behind—I stopped there till ten o'clock, when I made the best of my way home towards London, where I live, but as to meeting the female, or insulting her, I am quite ignorant of any thing of the sort.


Matthew Abbs re-examined. I considered him perfectly sober when I took him—he walked and spoke like it.


(The prisoner received a good character.)


GUILTY. Aged 81.—Of an Assault only—Confined Six Months.


Before Mr. Common Sergeant.