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Family of Roy Percival MAYNARD and Edith ABBS

Husband: Roy Percival MAYNARD (1890-1980)
Wife: Edith ABBS (1899-1990)
Children: Eileen Grace MAYNARD (1921-2009)
Edward Roy John MAYNARD (1925-2006)
Roger Earl MAYNARD (1929-2003)
Marriage 1926 Lincoln, Canada

Husband: Roy Percival MAYNARD

Name: Roy Percival MAYNARD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1890
Death 1980 (age 89-90)

Wife: Edith ABBS

Name: Edith ABBS
Sex: Female
Father: James ABBS (1861-1945)
Mother: Agnes Eliza COOK (1856-1928)
Birth 1899 Norwich, Norfolk
Emigration 1907 (age 7-8) from Ontario, Canada
St Catherines, Ontario
Steerage passenger on Ccrsican
Emigration 1907 (age 7-8) from Quebec, Canada
Emigrated on Corsican
Census 1911 (age 11-12) St Catherines, Ontario, Canada
Death 1990 (age 90-91) St Catherines, Ontario

Child 1: Eileen Grace MAYNARD

Name: Eileen Grace MAYNARD
Sex: Female
Birth 1921
Death 2009 (age 87-88)

Child 2: Edward Roy John MAYNARD

Name: Edward Roy John MAYNARD
Sex: Male
Birth 1925
Death 2006 (age 80-81)

Child 3: Roger Earl MAYNARD

Name: Roger Earl MAYNARD
Sex: Male
Birth 1929
Death 2003 (age 73-74)