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Family of Thomas ABBOT and Catherine Eliza BURRIDGE

Husband: Thomas ABBOT (1838-1908)
Wife: Catherine Eliza BURRIDGE (1839-1890)
Children: Alice Ada ABBOT (1860- )
Emily Ellen ABBOT (1862- )
Charlotte Delilah ABBOT (1864- )
Clara Zillah ABBOT (1872- )
Amelia Elizabeth ABBOT (1875- )
George W ABBOT (1878- )
Marriage 1858 Hartismere District

Husband: Thomas ABBOT

Name: Thomas ABBOT
Sex: Male
Father: Lionel ABBOT (1810-1884)
Mother: Elizabeth LUMMIS (1814- )
Birth 1838 Stoke Ash, Suffolk
Death 1908 (age 69-70) Leeds, Yorkshire

Wife: Catherine Eliza BURRIDGE

Name: Catherine Eliza BURRIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1839 Eye, Suffolk
Death 1890 (age 50-51) Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 1: Alice Ada ABBOT

Name: Alice Ada ABBOT
Sex: Female
Birth 1860 Stoke Ash, Suffolk

Child 2: Emily Ellen ABBOT

Name: Emily Ellen ABBOT
Sex: Female
Birth 1862 Stoke Ash, Suffolk

Child 3: Charlotte Delilah ABBOT

Name: Charlotte Delilah ABBOT
Sex: Female
Birth 1864 Stoke Ash, Suffolk

Child 4: Clara Zillah ABBOT

Name: Clara Zillah ABBOT
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 5: Amelia Elizabeth ABBOT

Name: Amelia Elizabeth ABBOT
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 6: George W ABBOT

Name: George W ABBOT
Sex: Male
Birth 1878 Leeds, Yorkshire