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Family of William CLOVER and Eleanor ABBOT

Husband: William CLOVER (1842-1907)
Wife: Eleanor ABBOT (1842-1880)
Children: William Edward CLOVER (1864- )
Charles Herbert CLOVER (1866- )
Henry CLOVER (1868- )
Frederick CLOVER (1868- )
Marriage 1863 Hartismere District

Husband: William CLOVER

Name: William CLOVER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1842 Bacton, Suffolk
Death 1907 (age 64-65) Hartismere District

Wife: Eleanor ABBOT

Name: Eleanor ABBOT
Sex: Female
Nickname: Ellen
Father: Robert ABBOT (1821-1896)
Mother: Sophia MARKWELL (1823-1912)
Birth 1842 Stoke Ash, Suffolk
Death 1880 (age 37-38) Hartismere District

Child 1: William Edward CLOVER

Name: William Edward CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 Bacton, Suffolk

Child 2: Charles Herbert CLOVER

Name: Charles Herbert CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1866 Bacton, Suffolk

Child 3: Henry CLOVER

Name: Henry CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Bacton, Suffolk

Child 4: Frederick CLOVER

Name: Frederick CLOVER
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Bacton, Suffolk