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Family of Robert EARLE and Agnes AVERY

Husband: Robert EARLE (1550?-1588)
Wife: Agnes AVERY (1555?- )
Children: John EARLE (1581-1646)
Elizabeth EARLE (1583- )
Joane EARLE (1586- )
Marriage 12 Jul 1579 Bramshot, Hampshire

Husband: Robert EARLE

Name: Robert EARLE
Sex: Male
Father: John EARLE (1520?-1657)
Mother: Jone (1525?- )
Birth 1550 (est)
Death 1588 (age 37-38) Bramshot, Hampshire

Wife: Agnes AVERY

Name: Agnes AVERY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1555 (est)

Child 1: John EARLE

Name: John EARLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emme (1590?- )
Birth 1581 Bramshot, Hampshire
Baptism 30 Apr 1581 (age 0) Bramshot, Hampshire
Death 1646 (age 64-65) Froyle, Hampshire

Child 2: Elizabeth EARLE

Name: Elizabeth EARLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: CRESSWELL (1580?- )
Birth 1583 Bramshot, Hampshire
Baptism 23 Feb 1583 (age 0) Bramshot, Hampshire

Child 3: Joane EARLE

Name: Joane EARLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Anthony OUBURY (1579?- )
Birth 1586 Bramshot, Hampshire
Baptism 18 Sep 1586 (age 0) Bramshot, Hampshire

Note on Husband: Robert EARLE

In ye name of god amen ye 26th day of ffebruary in ye yeare of our lord god 1587

Roberd Erle of Bramshott in ye county of South. husbandman, being sick of body but of

perfect remembrance praised be god, do make and ordain this my last will and

testament in manner and forme following. First I bequeath my soul to almighty god my

maker and redeemer, and my body to be buried in ye churchyard of Bramshott Then I

give to ye cathedrall church of winchester 2d. Then I give to the church of Bramshott

4d. Then I give and bequeath to John Erle my son five pounds, to be paid unto him

when he shall accomplish ye age of 23 years. Then I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my

daughter, five pounds to be paid unto her when she shall accomplish 21 years. Then I

give and bequeath to Jone my daughter five pounds to be paid unto her when she shall

accomplish the age of 21 years but if it happens that any of the said children to die

before they do accomplish ye age of 22 years, above written the portion of the said sum

to remain and to be equally divided between them both at ye discretion of ye

overseerers. The residue of all my goods and chattells not given now bequeathed and

my Debts truly paid. I give and bequeath to Agnes my wife widow. I ordain and make

my widow, executor of this my last will and testament. Also my will is that John Abory

and Roger Abory of Bramshott above written, widow I ordain and make my overseeres

of this my last will, and they to see it affirmed according to my true inventory, and I give

unto them forty five pounds two s. eleven d.


Witnefs hereof, John Abory, Roger Abory and John Abory together.


(Proved 23rd April 1588)