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Family of Alfred Stanley RISBY and Ida Kate ADCOCK

Husband: Alfred Stanley RISBY (1892-1972)
Wife: Ida Kate ADCOCK (1893-1991)
Children: Dennis Bernard RISBY (1922-1988)
Douglas Basil RISBY (1924-2001)
Ronald Stanley RISBY (1924-1991)
Marriage 1916 Ipswich, Suffolk

Husband: Alfred Stanley RISBY

Name: Alfred Stanley RISBY
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred James RISBY (1867-1941)
Mother: Martha Ethel REDGRAVE (1868-1949)
Birth 1892 Ipswich, Suffolk
Census 1901 (age 8-9) Braintree, Essex
Census 1911 (age 18-19) Ipswich, Suffolk
63 Bath Street, Ipswich
Death 1972 (age 79-80) Gipping, Suffolk

Wife: Ida Kate ADCOCK

Name: Ida Kate ADCOCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1893 Ipswich, Suffolk
Death 1991 (age 97-98) Ipswich, Suffolk

Child 1: Dennis Bernard RISBY

Name: Dennis Bernard RISBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1922 Ipswich, Suffolk
Death 1988 (age 65-66) Ipswich, Suffolk

Child 2: Douglas Basil RISBY

Name: Douglas Basil RISBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1924 Ipswich, Suffolk
Death 2001 (age 76-77) Gipping & Hartismere

Child 3: Ronald Stanley RISBY

Name: Ronald Stanley RISBY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Daphne Lily HOWE (1926-1991)
Birth 1924 Ipswich, Suffolk
Death 1991 (age 66-67) Ipswich, Suffolk

Note on Husband: Alfred Stanley RISBY

1891 - 114 New Court, West Ipswich