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Mary Emily Cage – Hanged for Murder 19th August 18512014-10-26 15.26.12

Mary Emily Cage was born in 1803 in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk. She was convicted of poisoning her husband in 1851, then hanged in August of the same year. Mary died declaring her innocence to the last.  Was she guilty?

Vote for Murder, featuring the true crime of Mary Emily Cage is out now.

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  1. Hello again

    I had to double check but one of my best friends is a direct descendent of Mary Emily Cage and she still lives locally.

    • interesting! I hope she doesn’t mind her ancestor being used as the subject matter for Vote For Murder. I like to think that Mary Cage would have been treated more sympathetically if she had come to trial a few decades later.

    • My husband is a direct descendant to Mary Emily Cage and there are still many relatives who still live in the Stonham and Stowmarket area. I am in contact with a lady who is also a descendant and wondered if it is the same person. Could you let me have your friends name to check if it is the same, if not would love to contact another relative.